The Satyajit Ray Collection: Volume 2

  |  251 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
The Satyajit Ray Collection: Volume 2 Film Poster


Second volume of films from an undisputed master of world cinema. In 'Kapurush' (1965), Amitabha Roy's (Soumitra Chatterjee) taxi has a breakdown on the way to Hanshimara where he is to collect material for a film story. He is offered hospitality for the night by Bimal Gupta (Haradhan Bannerjee), a local tree planter who does not know that his wife Karuna (Madhabi Mukherjee) is Amitabha's former lover. During his stay Amitabha realizes that Bimal and Karuna's marriage cannot be a happy one and he wants to take Karuna away and atone for his past betrayal. In 'Mahapurush' (1965), a fake Holy man, Birinchi Baba (Charuprakash Ghosh), is adopted by a wealthy man who wants a suitable husband for his daughter to marry. His wary friends, however, soon decide to set a trap to expose the charlatan in their midst. Finally, in 'Joi Baba Felunath' (1978), Feluda (Soumitra Chatterjee) is a sharp and witty detective from Calcutta. His cousin Topshe (Siddharta Chatterjee) and friend Lalmohan Ganguly (Santosh Dutta) visit Benaras, a town on the banks of the Ganges where they meet a Bengali family. After learning about Feluda's detective skills, the head of the family invites Feluda to his home and tells him about the theft of an idol of Ganesha, the elephant God. Feluda promises to help the family to find the idol, but the mystery deepens when the sculptor who was sculpting the Durga idol for the Durga Puja festival is murdered.