The Scarecrow

  |  Watch Now: 26/11/2009
  |  84 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC
The Scarecrow Film Poster


Sam Pillsbury's first feature film charts mysterious doings in a claustrophobically small town in Fifties New Zealand, including chicken stealing and a murder, all coinciding with the arrival of a haunted-looking magician and hypnotist - The Scarecrow. Two young boys - Ned and Les - are horrified, yet strangely excited by the story of a young girl found naked in a lake with her throat cut. Ned suspects Hubert Salter, the newly arrived Scarecrow, to be the killer. As Salter becomes part of the town life, people start to vanish and Ned alone seems to realise that his beautiful sister, Prudence, is Salter's next intended victim.