The Scorpion King: 4-movie Collection

  |  410 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


The first four films in the action/adventure franchise. In 'The Scorpion King' (2002), wrestling superstar The Rock reprises his role as the warrior Mathayus in this movie spin-off set 5000 years ago in the Middle East. Sent on a mission to assassinate Cassandra (Kelly Hu), the powerful sorceress advisor to King Memnon (Steven Brand), Mathayus is captured and left to die in the desert. Managing to survive, the brave warrior returns and kidnaps the sorceress, but as he makes his escape, he is struck by an arrow dipped in scorpion poison... In 'The Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior' (2008), Michael Copon takes up the reins as the young warrior Mathayus in this prequel to the 2002 film 'The Scorpion King'. Warned against joining the Emperor of Akkad's elite fighting warriors, the Black Scorpions, by his father Ashur (Peter Butler), Mathayus (Copon) ignores his advice and sets off to enlist. Falling foul of the evil Sargon (Randy Couture), commander of the army, Mathayus is rescued by his father and pardoned by the Emperor Hammurabi (Az Abrahams) in exchange for joining the Black Scorpions. When Sargon then murders Ashur, Mathayus bides his time, honing his skills until a time that he can exact vengeance. In 'The Scorpion King 3 - Battle for Redemption' (2012), Victor Webster stars as the young warrior Mathayus. Having been forced to leave his kingdom by an outbreak of plague, Mathayus soon finds himself at the centre of a power struggle between Horus (Ron Perlman), the King of Egypt, and his scheming brother Talus (Billy Zane). Hired by Horus to protect his ally King Ramusan (Temuera Morrison) with the promise of Ramusan's daughter Silda (Krystal Vee) as a reward, Mathayus must first use his strength and courage to free the princess from the dark forces Talus has assembled to keep her captive. In 'The Scorpion King 4 - Quest for Power' (2015), Victor Webster reprises his role as the young warrior Mathayus. When he is framed for the murder of the king of Norvania, Mathayus must fend off his pursuers while trying to clear his name. But with much of the kingdom against him, can Mathayus find anybody willing to help him?