The Seniors

  |  Watch Now: 19/04/2012
  |  87 min
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The Seniors Film Poster


Faced with graduation, four seniors plot to prolong the college experience, but they're also loathe to leave behind their housemate Sylvia. The boys pester their parents to pay for post-graduate studies, without success. Luckily, a science major named Arnold is desperate to lose his virginity to Sylvia, so the guys trade her favors for his complicity in an elaborate scam. He's the only assistant of reclusive genius Professor Heigner, a three-time Nobel Prize winner studying mosquitoes. Foundations are eager to fund the professor's work with generous grants, and, since Heigner signs anything Arnold hands him without question, the seniors draft a letter requesting funds to study the sexual habits of college-age girls. The female head of the foundation that funds the seniors' project mistakenly believes that Professor Heigner is some sort of sexual dynamo and pursues him endlessly.