The Simpsons: Bart Wars Too Hot For TV Dark Secrets

  |  Buy to Own: 16/10/2006
Rated TBC by the BBFC


A Simpsons triple-header featuring three collections of episodes. 'Bartwars' (1998) features four more animated escapades with the yellow-skinned inhabitants of Springfield. In 'Mayored to the Mob', Homer becomes Mayor Quimby's personal bodyguard after saving him from rioting sci-fi fans. 'Dog of Death' sees Santa's Little Helper set to expire unless money can be found for an expensive, life-saving operation. In 'The Secret War of Lisa Simpson', Lisa attempts to enrol at Rommelwood Military Academy after Bart is sent there to be disciplined. 'Marge Be Not Proud' sees Bart considering larceny in order to acquire an expensive new video game. 'Too Hot For TV' (1998) features episodes; 'Treehouse of Horror 9', 'In the Terror of Tiny Town', 'Starship Poopers', 'The Cartridge Family', 'Natural Born Kissers' and 'Grampa vs Sexual Inadequacy.' 'The Dark Secrets Of the Simpsons'(1996) has four more classic episodes of the world's longest-running cartoon series. In 'The Springfield Files', Homer's close encounter with an extra-terrestrial is investigated by X Files' agents Mulder and Scully. 'Homer the Great' sees Homer chosen as the leader of a secret organisation known as the Stonecutters, while in 'Lisa the Iconoclast' Lisa discovers that Springfield's founder was a vicious pirate. 'Homer Badman' sees Homer accused of sexual harassment when he attempts to remove a sweet stuck to a feminist's bottom. Doh!