The Sonny Chiba Collection: Volume 2

  |  Buy to Own: 19/09/2005
  |  304 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Triple-bill of Japanese action thrillers starring Sonny Chiba. In 'Golgo 13' (1973), Golgo 13 (Chiba) is the underworld's top hitman, but when he is hired to kill a drugs lord in Hong Kong, he is shocked to find that a rival assassin has beaten him to it. Even worse, it looks as if Golgo 13 has been set up, and before long the police are hot on his tail, led by crusading cop Detective Smith (Callan Leung), who will stop at nothing to bring him down. In 'The Bullet Train' (1975), when a deranged madman places a bomb on the Tokyo to Hataka bullet train, a bomb that will detonate if the train drops to below 80 kilometres per hour, heroic conductor Aoki (Chiba) races against time to disarm it, before it's too late. Finally, in 'G.I. Samurai' (1979), a group of Japanese soldiers find themselves mysteriously transported back in time to the sixteenth century and become embroiled in an ongoing fued between rival samurai clans to install their leader as the supreme Shogun. With their modern weapons, will the soldiers be a match for the highly-skilled samurai?