The Source

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  |  124 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


Romanian-born filmmaker Radu Mihaileanu directs and co-writes this 'battle of the sexes' comedy drama set in a remote North African village. It is the women who do all the work in the village, labouring up a steep mountain path to fetch water from a far-off well while the menfolk lounge around in the shade drinking tea and playing cards. The newly-married Leila (Leila Bekhti) starts a mutiny among the women when she proposes that the women withhold sexual favours until something is done to improve the situation. She is met with scorn and disbelief, not only from the men in the village but from her ill-disposed mother-in-law, Fatima (Hiam Abbass), who repeatedly encourages her son to discipline his feisty young bride.

Contains one scene of sexual violence
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