The Stormriders Trilogy

  |  Buy to Own: 11/11/2002
  |  347 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Wei Kueng Lau's (aka Andrew Lau) trilogy. In 'The Stormriders' (1998), following the advice of his servant Mud Buddah, Lord Conqueror (Sonny Chiba) takes two children - Wind (Ekin Cheng) and Cloud (Aaron Kwok) - into his home and trains them as his disciples. Ten years later, Wind and Cloud have become powerful warriors, but they come to blows over Lord Conqueror's daughter Charity (Kristy Yeung), leading to her accidental death and the loss of Cloud's arm. At this point Lord Conqueror, who is preparing for his long-foretold duel with Sword Saint (Anthony Wong), turns against his two protégés, and the scene is thus set for the climactic final battle - a battle in which four men will take part, but only one will emerge victorious. 'A Man Called Hero' (1999) is set in New York, 1930. Sword (Nicholas Tse) arrives from China in search of his father, Hero (Ekin Cheng), who fled to the United States fifteen years ago, after gangsters murdered many members of his family. Sword soon meets Monk Luohan (Ken Lo), an old friend of his father's, who tells how they travelled to New York and found work with a mining company owned by the gangsters who murdered Hero's family. Will Hero find a way of taking his revenge? Will Sword ever find his father? Whilst in 'The Duel' (2000) Sword Saint (Andy Lau) and God of Sword (Ekin Cheng) have agreed to meet at the apex of the Forbidden City and engage in a duel which will settle the question of who is the finest swordsman in the world. As the appointed date draws near, Imperial Agent Dragon 9 (Nick Cheung) is assigned to distribute a limited number of tickets. But as he goes about his task, Dragon 9 becomes suspicious of some strange events taking place around the palace and soon uncovers evidence of a conspiracy against the Emperor.