The Sword In The Stone Robin Hood

  |  Buy to Own: 18/08/2008
  |  159 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Double bill of classic animated Disney films. 'The Sword in the Stone' (1963) retells the story of the young King Arthur. Brought up as a scullery boy with the nickname of Wart, Arthur (voiced by Rickie Sorensen) goes through important magical training at the hands of the wise wizard, Merlin (voiced by Karl Swenson). It transpires that the sorceror has the boy earmarked for greater things, but Arthur must undergo a number of tests before he can fulfill his destiny. 'Robin Hood' (1973) is Disney's version of another legend, with Robin characterised as a fox, Allan-a-Dale a rooster, Little John a bear, Friar Tuck a badger and the Sheriff of Nottingham a wolf. Robin (voiced by Brian Bedford) and his merry band rob from the rich and give to the poor while England is ruled by the corrupt King John (voiced by Peter Ustinov).