The Tarzan Collection: Volume 2

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  |  432 min
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The last six of Johnny Weismuller's film appearances as Tarzan. In 'Tarzan Triumphs' (1943), Zandra (Frances Gifford), the white princess of a lost civilization, comes to Tarzan for help when Nazis invade her jungle home. In 'Tarzan's Desert Mystery' (1943), Tarzan has prehistoric monsters, as well as Nazis, to deal with in order to save the jungle. In 'Tarzan and the Amazons' (1945), a group of archaeologists tricks Boy (Johnny Sheffield) into helping them find an ancient city in a hidden valley of women. 'Tarzan and the Leopard Woman' (1946) finds Tarzan battling with an African tribe devoted to the leopard cult. In 'Tarzan and the Huntress' (1947), Patricia Morison plays beautiful animal trainer Tanya, who comes to the jungle looking for animals for her zoo. Finally, in 'Tarzan and the Mermaids' (1948), our hero has to rescue a young girl from an evil pearl trader.