The Taviani Brothers Collection

  |  408 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Collection of films from directors Paolo and Vittorio Taviani. 'Padre Padrone' (1977) is the autobiographical tale of a young boy who grows up to become a linguistics professor, thereby escaping his tyrannical father who wants him to train as a shepherd. 'The Night of the Shooting Stars' (1982) follows the story of a woman, who on the magical night of San Lorenzo when wishes come true, recalls her lover from the same night in August 1944 when the Tuscan town of San Martino was threatened with destruction by the Nazis. Finally, 'Kaos' (1984) consists of four stories set in 19th-century Sicily comprising 'The Other Son', 'Moon Sickness', 'The Jar' and 'Requiem'.