The Teenage Slasher Collection

  |  Buy to Own: 08/11/2004
  |  261 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Horror triple. In 'Devil's Prey' (2000), five young students attend a local rave - only to be thrown out after a fight breaks out. On the way home their car hits a young woman, Fawn, who had run across the road without looking. The kids panic as they try to take the blood-soaked woman to hospital, only to have their car run off the road by a mysterious van. The car is a write-off - and when they blame Fawn and demand a full explanation from her, she reveals that she is a target for The Shadows, a group of satanists bent on using her for a sacrifice. When one of the group is run down and taken hostage by The Shadows, the night turns into a struggle for survival for all of them. In 'The Pool' (2000), school's out for the summer at the International High School in Prague. But before the best friends are dispatched back to whichever country they call home, they decide to throw a party. When the charismatic leader of the group decides the party should be an illegal affair in Prague's largest swimming pool, everyone thinks it a great idea. But on the big night a masked homicidal maniac seems to have somehow been invited - and the young graduates must fight for their lives. Finally, in 'The Wisher' (2002), a new blockbuster called 'The Wisher' is a number one box office hit - but it is far too scary for Mary (Liane Balaban), and she leaves the cinema before the end. But soon the fictional story becomes an evil reality as Mary finds a mysterious creature is stalking her - one that looks and acts just like the monster in the film...