The Theo Angelopoulos Collection: Volume 1

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Rated 15 by the BBFC


Collection of feature dramas from acclaimed Greek filmmaker Theo Angelopoulos 'Reconstruction' (1970) follows Eleni (Toula Stathopoulou), a poor country woman who takes on a lover, gamekeeper Hristos (Yannis Totsikas), to keep her company during the long absence of her husband, Kostas (Mihalis Fotopoulos). When Kostas returns, Eleni and Hristos decide to murder him, but will they manage to keep the crime secret? In 'Days of '36' (1972) Sofianos (Kostas Pavlou) is in prison accused of murdering a trade unionist. Determined to escape, Sofianos takes hostage a politician who visits the jail. The fallout from the incident threatens to tip an unstable country over the edge. 'The Travelling Players' (1975) follows a group of actors who journey through Greece attempting to perform a play against the backdrop of the tumultuous political events between 1939 and 1952. Orestes (Petros Zarkadis) ends up fighting for the Greek guerillas and is executed. His sister, Elektra (Eva Kotamanidou), however, remains determined to resist foreign intervention in Greece and continues to support those who fight against it. 'The Hunters' (1977) is an allegorical tale in which a group of hunters stumble upon the corpse of a man who appears to have been killed during the civil war. The group, which includes an industrialist (Giorgos Danis), a militarist (Nikos Kouros) and a politician (Christoforos Nezer), must decide what to do with the body as fresh blood begins emerging from its wounds, apparently symbolising their guilt over the war.

Contains one scene of sexual violence
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