The Third Alibi Night Was Our Friend Stranger In Town

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  |  203 min
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Triple bill of British crime dramas. 'The Third Alibi' (1961) follows composer Norman Martell (Laurence Payne) as he begins an affair with his wife (Patricia Dainton)'s sister Peggy (Jane Griffiths). To satisfy Peggy, Norman asks his wife Helen for a divorce. When she refuses to grant his request, Norman and Peggy decide to take matters into their own hands and concoct a plan to get rid of Helen for good. In 'Night Was Our Friend' (1951) Sally Raynor (Elizabeth Sellars) falls in love with Dr. John Harper (Ronald Howard) two years after her husband Martin (Michael Gough) was presumed dead in a plane crash in Brazil. After Martin unexpectedly returns Sally loyally goes home to be with her husband, but his increasingly erratic behaviour leads her to regret her decision. 'Stranger in Town' (1957) follows a journalist (Alex Nicol) as he investigates the recent murder of an American composer.