The Tinto Brass Collection

  |  Buy to Own: 20/09/2004
  |  776 min
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Box set of eight films by Italian erotic filmmaker Tinto Brass. In 'All Ladies Do It', Diane (Claudia Koll) and Paul (Paolo Lanza) maintain a happy marriage thanks to the excitement generated by her extra-marital affairs. Out and about in the world, she can't help but indulge in a series of sexual adventures, and Paul just loves to hear about it all when she gets home. However, one day, when Diane returns home with bite marks on her person, it all gets too much for Paul and he explodes into a jealous rage. In 'Miranda', the seductive landlady of a secluded Italian country tavern has a choice to make. Of all the men who frequent her establishment, which one would be best to take as a lover? The rich older man, the local gigolo or the poor young waiter? Miranda (Serena Grandi) decides to try them all. In 'Frivolous Lola', young Lola (Anna Ammirata) is frustrated by her old-fashioned fiancé Maasetto's (Mario Parodi) refusal to have sex before marriage, despite all her passionate attempts to seduce him. She becomes increasingly attracted to her mother's lover, experienced older man André (Patrick Mower), and starts to fantasise about having an affair with him. 'Paprika' is a comic fantasy in which a buxom young country girl (Debora Caprioglio) moves to town and starts working in a bordello to help finance her fiancé's new business. Named 'Paprika' by the bordello's madam, Madame Colette (Martine Brochard), the young woman falls in love with her first client - young naval officer Franco (Stéphane Bonnet) - but despite this attraction she begins a questionable ascent through the sex trade, working in some of the most illustrious brothels in the country before finally becoming a wealthy aristocrat. 'The Key' is set in 1940. A couple celebrate the 20th anniversary of their wedding, but neither of them is fully satisfied with the sexual element of their relationship. Nino (Frank Finlay) and Teresa Rolfe (Stefania Sandrelli) both keep secret diaries in which they reveal their wildest fantasies - Nino wants his far younger wife to become less inhibited - and to this end he tries to engineer an affair between her and their daughter's fiancée, Laszlo (Franco Branciaroli). In 'Cheeky', Carla (Yuliya Mayarchuk) wants to be faithful to her boyfriend, but wherever she goes, she always seems to end up finding a new lover. Looking for a flat in London, she sets off with nothing but the best intentions, but in almost no time at all she finds herself involved in a lesbian tryst with the estate agent... 'Private' is a collection of six erotic stories directed by Tinto Brass. In 'Alibi', the beautiful Cinzia transforms a holiday in Casablanca with her husband into fun with a handsome Moroccan. 'Double Trouble' sees a circle of television personalities all having affairs with each other. In 'Two Hearts and a Hut', Katarina, a highly sexed waitress, is having an affair with the chef. In 'Jolly Bangs', Raffaella appears innocent and perfect - although secretly she is unfaithful to her husband. The highly sensual Anna causes a sensation at a notorious nudist camp in 'Honni Soit Qui Mal Y Pense'. Finally, in 'Call Me Pig...I Like It', a train journey from Venice to London sees Federica acting shamelessly and enjoying flaunting her body to her fellow passengers. Finally, 'Black Angel' is an erotic drama with a score by Ennio Morricone. Set in Italy in 1945, at the end of the Nazi occupation, it tells the story of Livia (Anna Galiena), the beautiful wife of a high-ranking ministry official who is travelling to Venice to meet Helmut Schultz (Gabriel Garko), a dashing young SS lieutenant with whom she is having a torrid affair. Along the way she relives the sexual experiences that have brought her to this point. Arriving in Venice, she finds the city in chaos - and a surprise awaiting her that serves to reflect her personal situation in the historic and political events occurring around her.