The Ultimate Anime Collection

  |  Buy to Own: 19/06/2006
Rated TBC by the BBFC
The Ultimate Anime Collection Film Poster


Seven-disc anime collection. Miko Mido makes a comeback in 'La Blue Girl Returns' (episodes 1-4), created by Toshio Maeda and Rusher Ikeda. A deadly sex ninja trained in the carnal arts, Miko is hot to deal out heavy martial arts mistreatment to any demon who threatens her. 'Dominion Tank Police' (episodes 1-4) is set in the year 2010 AD. The world is covered by a poisonous, bacterial cloud and vicious gangs control the cities. A violent crime is committed every 36 seconds. However, the Tank Police - an elite squad of crazy officers - is taking back the streets by excessive force. 'MD Geist' tells the story of a planet devastated by war and a man on the edge of sanity. MD Geist was engineered to be the perfect killing machine, but was permanently imprisoned aboard an orbital satellite after being classified as too unstable. Now, Geist-02 must return to save the world that tried to destroy him. 'Project A-Ko' (episodes 1-6) features A-ko: an ordinary schoolgirl with incredible superhuman strength. But her high school rival, B-ko, is not content to live in the shadows any longer. Will A-ko's superpowers and good fashion sense be a match for B-ko's mega-powered fighting robots of doom?