The Ultimate Creature Collection

  |  268 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Collection of three US horror films. In 'Valley of the Sasquatch' (2015) Roger (Jason Vail) and Michael Crew (Miles Joris-Peyrafitte) are a father and son who have tragically lost their family home leaving them little choice but to move to an isolated cabin, though neither is particularly comfortable with this new setting. This raw father and son relationship is strained further when two old friends show up to take them out for a weekend of game-hunting. Ranging through the forest together will tease out their bitter emotions, but it will also attract the attention of the beasts whose territory they have entered. 'Lair of the Beast' (2016) follows four friends as they set off on a hike into the Pinewood Forest to document the legendary Chupacabra creature. Finally, 'Prey' (2014) follows a group of tourists as they travel to the paradise of Panama for their post-graduation vacation. After meeting a few locals, the five friends decide to check out a supposedly magical waterfall deep in the jungle, despite others warning them of the lurking indigenous Chupacabras. After their guide vanishes, the group soon find they have fallen prey to something stalking them in the jungle.