The Ultimate Cult Movie Box Set

  |  Buy to Own: 17/10/2005
  |  785 min
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Collection of 10 violent horror B-movies. In 'Brides of Blood' (1968), John Ashley and Kent Taylor star as scientists investigating mutated beings on Blood Island. However, the island's chiefs are sacrificing beautiful young virgins to 'The Evil One' - one of the mutated beings - but their offerings are in vain as the monster turns on both the scientists and the island's population. In 'Horror of the Blood Monsters' (1970), John Carradine stars as Dr. Rynning who is leading a space mission to a distant planet. Unfortunately, it is inhabited by a race of vampires, intent on colonising Earth. In their attempt to escape, the crew of the space mission have to fight against a variety of alien mutants, including snake men and bat demons. In 'Angels' Wild Women' (1972), the leader of a hippie cult movement murders a young woman, and plans to sacrifice another. However, he does not know that the potential victim is a member of a tough biker gang; that is until her fellow gang-members come after him and the other cult members. In 'Brain of Blood' (1972), in order to gain control of the country's assets, a mad scientist (Kent Taylo) transplants the brain of a terminally ill despotic ruler of a Middle East country into the body of a deformed idiot. In 'Raiders of the Living Dead' (1986), A modern-day Dr. Frankenstein is reviving executed convicts as zombies. When teenager Jonathan stumbles on the secret, he invents a laser gun and begins hunting them down, aided by his girlfriend, grandfather and a reporter. In 'Mad Doctor of Blood Island' (1968), Dr. Lorca (Ronald Remy) is doing experiments on Don Ramon because of his green blood. However, just as stars John Ashley and Angelique Pettyjohn stumble on his secret lair on Blood Island, Don Ramon runs amok and tries to kill anyone who stands in his way. In 'Satan's Sadists' (1969), when a violent gang of motorcyclists commit mass murder at a roadside diner, a waitress and ex-marine who manage to escape the carnage are chased through the desert by the gang in a bid to stop them contacting the authorities. In 'The Blood Drinkers' (1966), Marco, (Ronald Remy) is a bald vampire who tries to bring his long-lost love back to life by transfusing her with the blood of his victims. Finally, in 'Dracula vs Frankenstein' (1971), when Count Dracula steals the corpse of Doctor Frankenstein's monster from a theme park he offers the Doctor a deal; revive the monster and help Dracula conquer the world. However, the theme park has been the cover for the Doctor's evil experiments and the sister of one of his victims is looking for her sibling. This leads to a showdown of monster, screaming woman and the evil Doctor. Look out for Lon Chaney as the Doctor's assistant.