The Walter Hill Collection

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Six films from the acclaimed director. In 'The Warriors' (1979), after a city-wide gang meeting, a downtown New York gang called the Warriors is forced to make its way back across enemy territory after being framed for the killing of a rival unit's leader. Unarmed and desperate, the Warriors come up against one hostile gang after another as they fight their way back through the city streets to the one place where they will be safe. In 'Southern Comfort' (1981), while on an exercise in Louisiana, a group of National Guard members steals some canoes from the local Cajuns. Pursued by the angry locals, one of the men decides to fire at them, albeit with blanks. The Cajuns respond with real bullets, killing the team's commander, Poole (Peter Coyote). The men, none of whom are real soldiers, are now forced to fight for their lives. In 'Johnny Handsome' (1989), severely-deformed petty criminal Johnny Handsome (Mickey Rourke) is double-crossed in a robbery and left to take the rap on his own. He is stabbed in jail and sent to hospital, where a prison doctor decides that plastic surgery and a fresh start will lead Johnny on the path to reform. However, when the handsome new Johnny emerges from prison, his potential fresh start in life is hampered by his desire to get even with the man who put him away. 'Extreme Prejudice' (1987) stars Nick Nolte as tough, no-nonsense Texas ranger Jack Benteen, whose childhood friend Cash (Powers Boothe) is now a ruthless drugs baron on the other side of the border. Jack finds himself recruited by the CIA to eliminate Cash, who allegedly has secret government documents. 'The Long Riders' (1980) is Hill's version of the story of the James-Younger gang. Held as heroes by many, and much celebrated for its attacks upon the railroad, the gang became the most famous band of outlaws in the country. They were eventually brought to ruin by the Pinkerton detective agency, losing many of their number in the ill-fated Northfield, Minnesota bank raid. In 'The Driver' (1978), Ryan O'Neal plays the Driver, an ice-cool getaway ace whose skills are for hire. Bruce Dern is the detective who becomes obsessed with catching him. The more O'Neal leaves tantalising clues at the crime scenes, the more Dern becomes a man obsessed with catching his prey.