The West Wing: The Complete Season 5

  |  Buy to Own: 25/04/2005
  |  924 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


The complete fifth series of the popular American political drama series. In '7A WF 83429', the search for Zoey continues and Walken takes a hard line against the kidnappers that could contribute to her death. In 'The Dogs of War', bombs drop on Qumar upon Walken's orders and as the hours pass without any word on Zoey's whereabouts. In 'Jefferson Lives', when he realises that his first choice for Vice President faces an uphill fight for nomination, Jed nominates a congressman that none of the staff can get excited about. In 'Han', Josh fails to sway an unruly congressman who insists on voting against the administration on the vice presidential confirmation. In 'Constituency of One', Will Bailey receives an offer to become Vice President Russell's top aide. In 'Disaster Relief', the fallout on the Hill from Carrick's switch to the Republican party exiles Josh deep into a White House doghouse. In 'Separation of Powers', as Chief Justice Ashland's health problems continue to mount, Joe Quincy, Ashland's former clerk, is pressed into service to persuade him to retire. In 'Shutdown', Jed's decision not to be held hostage by Haffley shuts down the federal government. In 'Abu el Banat', the Bartet clan attempts to gather for a holiday dinner and Jed must deal with a hostage situation in Sudan, an assisted suicide in Oregon, his son-in-law's yearn to run for the House of Representatives, and his grandson's desire to spend time with his grandpa. In 'The Stormy Present', President Bartlet attends the funeral of a former president with other former presidents Glenallen Walken and D. Wire Newman, while monitoring a possible situation in Saudi Arabia. In 'The Benign Prerogative', in the days leading up to the State of the Union address, Toby gets crucial voter feedback when he accompanies Joey as she mall-tests the speech around the nation. In 'Slow News Day', Toby gets Jed's support to seize a controversial window of opportunity to save Social Security, but is hampered by Jed's mandate to keep the operation under wraps. In 'The Warfare of Genghis Khan', an unlikely party comes to the aid of the administration as it seeks to discover the party responsible for nuclear testing in the Indian Ocean. In 'An Khe', The SEALs are sent in on a perilous mission to rescue a Navy plane shot down in North Korean waters. In 'Full Disclosure', C.J. has an intensely personal reason for leading the charge when Hoynes decides to rehab his image in a bid for the presidency by slandering Jed and Leo in a tell-all biography. In 'Eppur Si Muove', when a conservative Republican Congresswoman targets Ellie's research project in an effort to discredit Jed, Toby discovers that the source of the leak is uncomfortably close to home. In 'The Supremes', Jed and the staff vet potential Supreme Court appointees. In 'Access', a documentary camera crew follows C.J. around for a not-so-typical day in the White House. In 'Talking Points', Josh is anguished when he realizes that his successful trade negotiation skills managed to create the opportunity for a computer company to move 17,000 jobs to India. In 'No Exit', an airborne contamination alert locks down the West Wing, forcing staffers to stay put until the all-clear is sounded. In 'Gaza', Donna Moss, Percy Fitzwallace, Andrea Wyatt and a couple of congressmen are in the Middle East on a fact finding mission when their cars are blown up. Finally in 'Memorial Day', Jed weighs his options for responding to the bombing as Israeli and Palestinian forces face off against each other.