The Woman

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  |  104 min
Rated 18 by the BBFC


Thriller in which a successful lawyer attempts to civilise the last remaining woman from a wild rural clan. Chris Cleek (Sean Bridgers) is a well-off country lawyer, married and with a young family. One day, in the woods near his home, Chris comes across a feral woman (Pollyanna McIntosh) bathing. With a love for order, the family man decides to bring her home with him and 'civilise' her. The woman is so wild he is at first forced to chain her in the basement. He introduces the woman to his wife, Belle (Angela Bettis), and his children, Peggy (Lauren Ashley Carter) and Brian (Zach Rand), and encourages them to interact with her to help bring out her human side. Will his experiment in 'civilisation' succeed, or will the woman threaten the civilised existence of the family?

Contains strong bloody violence, gore and sexual violence
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