The World God Only Knows: Complete Season 2

  |  Buy to Own: 21/01/2013
  |  325 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


All 12 episodes from the second series of the anime following the adventures of a young computer geek who inadvertently finds himself forced to act as a lothario. Keima Katsuragi (voice of Hiro Shimono) is a legend on the internet for his skills at winning the virtual hearts of girls in a computer game. However, when he accidentally makes a pledge to a demon named Elsie (Kanae Itô), Keima is challenged, at pain of death, to win the hearts of real girls and thus set free the spirits that lurk within them. The episodes are: 'Flower in Bloom', 'Problem Solved By the Fist', 'The Section Chief Cometh', 'The Section Chief Regains Her Pride', 'It's Always Raining When We Get There', 'Ten Percent Chance of Rain', 'Singing in the Rain', 'Her First Errand, Tea for Three', 'Class 2-B Miss Nagase', 'School Wars', 'There's Always a Sun in Your Heart' and 'Summer Wars'.