The World Of Luc Jacquet

  |  Buy to Own: 20/11/2006
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Set of four nature documentaries from the Oscar-winning director of 'March Of The Penguins'. The surprise box office success of 'Penguins' catapulted Luc Jacquet into the Hollywood limelight but he had been making award winning marine biology documentaries for many years already. 'The Leopard Seal's Share' (1999) portrays the Antarctic oceans' only predator besides the killer whale, the leopard seal. These deceptively cuddly characters show up at penguin breeding grounds yearly to devour gigantic numbers of birds. The penguins have naturally evolved into this routine so that, to save the majority of those nesting on land, a certain number dive into the sea as sacrifice to the seals. 'The Tick And The Bird' (2001) follows the journey of a flea hitchhiking on the back of a Laysan Albatross as it crosses the pacific to nest and lay. The wily tick then nestles into the younger, downier hatchling and from there, onto the back of a penguin come to steal the chick's food - a tick's eye view of marine bird life. 'Springtime For The Weddel Seals' (1996) follows a young Weddel pup through the first few months of life in the unforgiving Antarctic climate, both under and above the water. 'Penguin Baywatch' (2002) takes a look at life for the penguins, birds and seals on the remote Sub Antarctic islands -isolated spits of land that become prime real estate during summer months for all sea and bird life looking to escape the frozen south.