The Yards Brother Ghost Dog - The Way Of The Samurai

  |  Buy to Own: 30/09/2002
  |  Watch Now: 14/04/2015
  |  329 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


A triple bill of action-thrillers. In 'The Yards' Leo Handler (Mark Wahlberg) has just been released from a New York prison after taking the rap for a group of his friends. Wishing to put his life in order, he returns to the bosom of his family, obtaining a job with his influential uncle Frank (James Caan). It is while working for Frank that Leo is reunited with his best friend Willy (Joaquin Phoenix) and Willy's girlfriend Erica (Charlize Theron), but instead of leading the safe and honest life he desires, Leo is drawn into a world of sabotage, high stakes payoffs and murder. After uncovering a deadly secret he becomes a target of his own family - the most dangerous in the city - and realizes that only by bringing them down can he save himself. In 'Brother' disgraced Yazuka hard-man Yamamoto (Takeshi Kitano) leaves Japan and heads for Los Angeles, ready to hook up with his half-brother Ken (Claude Maki), a small-time drug dealer. Before long it's business as usual, with Yamamoto joining forces with Ken and fellow criminal Denny (Omar Epps), and settling back into his old routine of terrorising and killing rival gang members. However, as the Yakuza presence grows in size and strength, the Mafia are called in to deal with them, and a bloody battle ensues. Whilst in 'Ghost Dog - The Way of the Samurai', killer-for-hire, Ghost Dog (Forest Whitaker) lives his life by the ancient Samurai code Hagakure. When his sometime employer Louie (John Tormey) hires him to assassinate gangster Handsome Frank - at the behest of Mafia don Ray Vargo (Henry Silva) - Ghost Dog carries out the job. However, when Vargo discovers that there was a witness to the killing, he orders the reluctant Louie to have Ghost Dog taken out. After Vargo's men ransack his home and slaughter his beloved pigeons, Ghost Dog vows to revenge himself on the crime bosses in true Samurai fashion.