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Rated 15 by the BBFC
Thiruthani Film Poster


A crime-fighting vigilante is born when a man is confronted by a life-changing situation, in this thriller directed by Perarasu. When gym trainer Velu (Bharath Srinivasan) manages to fight of a gang of thugs, his bravery and skill are witnessed by an ex-army neighbour, Durai Pandi (Raj Kiran), who advises him to use his skills to fight injustice. Uninterested at the time, Veru soon has a change of heart, when, after suffering a near fatal accident, he is told he has just six months to live. With the clock ticking, Vela decides to make his remaining days count, emerging to clean up the crime-ridden streets in the guise of the fearsome vigilante, Thiruthani.

Contains strong bloody violence
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