This Giant Papier-Mâché Boulder Is Actually Really Heavy

  |  Book Tickets: 02/05/2016
  |  112 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
This Giant Papier-Mâché Boulder Is Actually Really Heavy Film Poster


This Giant Papier Mache Boulder Is Actually Really Heavy. Director: Christian Nicolson. 2016, New Zealand, 112min. What happened to the good old days of sci-fi, when spaceships were real models, monsters were made of latex and laser guns were simply curling tongs painted silver? In this film, three ordinary guys are thrust into a parallel world of an old sci-fi movie, trapped in a low budget universe. One minute Tom, Jeffrey and Gavin are watching an old B-grade movie, the next they’ve been thrust into the movie itself and find themselves at the helm of a rickety old spaceship. Panic-stricken, they stumble into a space battle and make a mortal enemy of the evil Lord Froth whilst unwittingly saving the space princess Lady Emmanor. When poor Jeffrey’s psyche is over-ridden by the sci-fi character, Star Captain Kasimir, Tom and Gavin must find a cure for Jeffrey’s predicament as they could well be next. They must adapt to survive long enough to find their way home. In this action-packed comedy adventure of giant lizards, space battles, robots, aliens, warlords and amazons an affectionate tribute to a pre-CG cinematic world shines through. A true delight.