|  Buy to Own: 19/07/2004
  |  86 min
Rated 12 by the BBFC
Thoughtcrimes Film Poster


Psychological thriller starring Navi Rawat as Freya McAllister, a normal, slightly shy teenager who, on the night of her high school prom, suddenly starts hearing a multitude of insistent and overpowering voices in her head. She is quickly diagnosed as a violent schizophrenic and spends the next eight years incarcerated in a mental hospital. But one day Dr Michael Welles (Peter Horton), a brilliant bio-psychologist, informs Freya that she is not mad but highly telepathic: the voices she can hear are the thoughts of every person who comes near her. He teaches her how to channel her powers constructively, and adapt what she thought was a curse into an incredible gift. But what he doesn't tell her is that he is part of the National Security Agency, the world's largest secret intelligence organisation, to whom Freya's gift could be extremely valuable...

Contains moderate violence
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