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A collection of paranormal thrillers. In 'Thr3e' (2006), when writer Kevin Parson (Marc Blucas) starts receiving threatening phone calls from a local terrorist named The Riddle Killer, his closest childhood friend, Samantha Sheer (Laura Jordan), and a police officer, Jennifer Peters (Justine Waddell), jump in to help save him. But as Kevin's past childhood traumas are unearthed alongside evidence that The Riddle Killer couldn't possibly be involved with threats on Kevin's life, Samantha and Jennifer slowly begin to suspect that Kevin is actually committing crimes against himself. In 'The Visitation' (2006), when a mysterious stranger with a magic touch descends upon the small town of Antioch, the town slowly becomes divided by his seemingly supernatural presence. Despite the fact that he may have the power to heal, the charismatic stranger radiates a strange aura of menace and malevolence. Some believe him to be the one true messiah, and others dismiss him as a false prophet sent to seduce the souls of the weak. When the events in the stranger's remote revival tent take a turn for the sinister, it's up to a fallen ex-minister to reconnect with his faith and reveal the suspicious stranger for what he really is. Finally, in 'Paranormal Ascendancy' (2010), when housemates Michael (Greg Niecestro) and Kenny (Ayal Stern) experience a series of strange events in the middle of the night, Kenny becomes convinced that he has a ghost living in his room who becomes active at 3.00am. When Michael visits Kenny's room to investigate, the pair find themselves sucked into a nightmare as they are terrorised by evil spirits.