Three Days With The Family

  |  Book Tickets: 09/03/2012
  |  86 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Three Days With The Family Film Poster


Léa is coming home. Her grandfather has just died and she is joining her family in Girona for his funeral. The circumstances are less than ideal. Léa has dropped out of college to set up a bar with her boyfriend, and her parents are unlikely to approve. Her parents are recently separated but are loath to let the rest of the extended family know. And so Léa faces three days with her parents, uncles, aunts and an assortment of cousins as the process of laying her grandfather to rest begins. In her admirable debut feature, Mar Coll casts a discerning eye over the rituals that follow the death of an imposing paterfamilias without ever resorting to simple histrionics. Nausicaa Bonnín as the acerbic teenager and Eduard Fernández as her father, trying to do the right thing by all family members, head an impressive ensemble cast who effectively convey the conflicting family tensions. Indeed, Three Days with the Family proffers an observant study of grief in a bourgeois household where little can be aired openly, hypocrisy rules, and the need to keep up appearances remains the all-too-dominant prerogative.