Three Films By Zhangke Jia

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  |  353 min
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Three Films By Zhangke Jia Film Poster


Collection of three films written and directed by Zhangke Jia. '24 City' (2008) is based on the closure of a factory in the Chinese city of Chengdu. Scenes of the factory in operation and subsequently being dismantled and demolished are intercut with interviews with its workers: some real, some played by actors. The result is an intimate and emotional portrait of ordinary Chinese people - young, middle-aged and old - living in an evolving economy and rapidly changing society. 'A Touch of Sin' (2013) follows four stories which share the theme of violence: coal miner Dahai (Wu Jiang) goes on a murderous rampage after being humiliated by his boss; migrant Zhou San (Baoqiang Wang) kills and robs his victims in order to earn a living; sauna employee Xiao Yu (Tao Zhao) defends herself from a brutal attack; and young worker Xiao Hui (Lanshan Luo) is punished for breaking his employer's rules and ends up contemplating suicide. Finally, 'Mountains May Depart' (2015) follows Tao (Zhao), a young Chinese woman in a relationship with local coal miner Liang (Jing Dong Liang). Before long Tao also begins to attract the attention of arrogant entrepreneur Jingsheng (Yi Zhang), who buys the coal mine in a bid to force Liang out of the picture and take Tao for himself. With Liang gone, Tao and Jingsheng marry and start a family, only for a twist of fate to reunite the trio years later.