Three's a Shroud

  |  Book Tickets: 12/10/2012
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Horror anthology featuring three separate supernatural tales linked by a framing narrative. The first tale, 'Don't Open the Door' shows a couple whose relationship is on the rocks due to an overwhelming amount of distrust in each other. When an unexpected phonecall is received, a ghostly mystery is unravelled. In the second tale, 'Over Developed', photographer, Mickey (Michael Morgan-Gyekye), is haunted by the jealousy and paranoia that surround his obsession with a young girl, Sarah (Eleanor James). Although starting off as a psychological thriller, the tale soon shifts into something more sinister. Lastly, in 'The Time Traveller's Knife', a group of young girls are celebrating Halloween when a masked killer begins to strike until only one remains. Finding a mysterious watch she is transported back to the beginning of the night and seeks to find the killer before he begins his rampage. All three tales are linked by a framing narrative entitled 'Two's Company', which features an attractive young babysitter (Suzi Lorraine) looking after a young child (Louie Russo Brownlie) whose teddy bear will apparently get mad if the babysitter doesn't tell them stories.