Through The Mist

  |  Book Tickets: 21/08/2016
  |  130 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Through The Mist Film Poster


Amazingly this film, just completed, is the debut feature of a Russian film student. Mature, high production values, and excellent performances by the two leads. World War II, 1943. A group of German soldiers returning after an unsuccessful intelligence service, but not reaching its position, gets under heavy artillery fire. One of the soldiers, Friedrich, manages to escape by diving into a deep crater in the middle of the battlefield. The soldier expects to return to his group once the fire dies down, but then the unexpected happens: a Soviet soldier slides down the crater. Friedrich, unable to come to his senses, commits a mortal hit with his bayonet. The situation in many ways familiar to the majority of the soldiers, would have remained a simple soldier's death in the midst of the chaos of the war, but one circumstance changes everything: Friedrich cannot get out of the bottomless pit until it gets dark. The German soldier has no other option, but to spend the whole day together with the dying man. With Alexey Karamazo and Maxim Lebedev. (Subtitles) Russia 2016 Maksim Schastnev 130m