To Have And Have Not

  |  Book Tickets: 21/11/1944
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  |  100 min
Rated PG by the BBFC


Movie legend has it that Ernest Hemingway bet Howard Hawks he couldn't make a movie out of his slim novel. Hawks went ahead and made the movie, but one which bears little relation to its progenitor. Humphrey Bogart plays Harry 'Steve' Morgan, an American running a fishing boat on Martinique, reluctant to get involved with the wartime battles between the Nazis and the Free French Movement. However, his loner stance is challenged when he meets, and falls in love with, the precocious Marie (a nineteen-year-old Lauren Bacall, making her screen debut). Bogart and Bacall fell in love on set, and were to team up together on screen a further three times.

Passed 'PG' for mild wartime violence
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