Tokyo Eyes

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  |  95 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Tokyo Eyes Film Poster


An unknown menace threatens the population of Tokyo at gunpoint, and while police inspector Roy (Tetta Sugimoto) is baffled by the random assaults, his beautiful teenager sister Hinano (Hinano Yoshikawa), bored by her day job, keeps her eyes open and uses her shrewd knowledge of the city streets and trains to track the mysterious man down. But when this supposed menace to society turns out to be a handsome, secretive boy her own age (Shinji Takeda), Hinano tries to understand and sympathize with the crimes as she begins to fall for the criminal. The two sweetly begin to date as if the violent assaults were just a bad dream, but the dark musical throb of the soundtrack, the film’s snaky, stylized visuals, and the boy’s puzzling disappearances suggest that the threat is far from over. Director Jean-Pierre Limosin flips his serial-killer film on its head as the story weaves from a detective film to the myopic impressions of youthful love, where the rest of the world and its concerns fade away in the glowing pleasure of a solitary couple’s shared moments of happiness. Tokyo Eyes trembles with unease and romance, where love is never far from danger and where the alluring possibilities of one inevitably lead to the disturbing threats of the other.