Tomie - Unlimited

  |  Buy to Own: 23/01/2012
  |  85 min
Rated 18 by the BBFC
Tomie - Unlimited Film Poster


Japanese horror in which a dead girl walks back into the life of her younger sister and proceeds to dominate her even more thoroughly than before. Tsukiko (Moe Arai) is a high school student who seems to constantly be in the shadow of her beautiful older sister, Tomie (Miu Nakamura), who also happens to be dating the boy with whom Tsukiko is hopelessly in love, Toshio (Kensuke Ohwada). When Tomie is killed in a bizarre accident while having her photograph taken, Tsukiko is naturally grief-stricken, but perhaps also feels a new sense of freedom and a chance to grow. When Tomie abruptly reappears a couple of months later and everyone, including the girls' parents, proceed to act as if nothing has changed, Tsukiko begins to wonder what is happening to her. Even worse, Tomie is even more alluring and dominates everyone's attention even more completely than before...

Contains strong bloody horror
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