Tracy Beaker

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A 3 disc helping of the popular children's series based upon a girl growing up in a care home. 'Tracy Beaker: The Movie Of Me' is a children's feature based on the novel by Jacqueline Wilson about the orphan girl Tracy Beaker (Danielle Harmer). On the eve of her 13th birthday, Tracy is told that Cam (Lisa Coleman) wants to foster her again, but before she can do so, Tracy's real mother (Ruth Gemmell) turns up at the 'Dumping Ground' orphanage and wants to take her back. 'The Best Of Me' is the first series of Miss Beaker's TV adventures. Danielle Harmer again plays the 10-year-old girl who grows up in a children's home and whose overactive imagination is always getting her into trouble. Episodes are: 'Tracy Returns', 'Dares', 'Tracy's Birthday', 'Open Evening', 'The Quiet Room', and 'House Hunting'. 'More Of Me' contains all six episodes from the second series of the children's television drama, based on the books by Jacqueline Wilson. Episodes are: 'Back and Bad', 'Brothers', 'Hollywood', 'Doggie', 'Family Tree' and 'Get Lost'.