Transformers Armada: Volume 0.3

  |  Buy to Own: 25/12/2003
  |  80 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Transformers Armada: Volume 0.3 Film Poster


An attack by the Decepticons leaves the Autobots crashed on Earth for millions of years until the Decepticons appear again, looking to steal Earth's resources to create energy. In the second episode the Autobots revive and attempt to defeat the Decepticons with a booby trap, but it all goes wrong, and Optimus Prime takes the blast. In the final part of this story evil Megatron predicts the Autobots next move all too easily and it looks like the Autobots will be defeated by the Decepticons... or will they? In 'Transport to Oblivion' the Autobots become unwitting helpers in an evil Decepticon plot to test a space-bridge they have built. Spike and Bumblebee are duped into leading the Autobots across it, and into a trap... In 'Roll For It' Bumblebee, Spike and Chip Chase, a wheelchair-bound computer genius, crack the secret of an anti-matter formula. But Megatron steals the formula, etched on a computer chip, and the Autobots soon discover how much more dangerous he is with this new power. Finally, in 'Divide and Conquer', Optimus Prime takes some serious hits from Decepticon jet fighters and a select group of Autobots must travel to Cybertron to get a vital part to repair him. But can they get the part before the Decepticons take advantage of Optimus' weakness and launch a full-scale attack?