|  Buy to Own: 20/10/2003
  |  Watch Now: 24/07/2008
  |  105 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


Will and Karen Jennings (Stuart Townsend and Charlize Theron) are held hostage in different cities whilst their daughter is abducted. The abductors are lead by a ruthless criminal, Joe Hickey (Kevin Bacon), who seems to have hit on a foolproof scam for extorting money from rich families. Holding the parents in separate locations means they cannot contact the police and he demands a large ransom that has to be paid in 24 hours or the hostage is killed. The Jennings have to find a way to save their daughter and Karen manages to discover the real motive behind the kidnapping. Can this be the chink in the criminals' armour?

Contains strong language and violence
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