Trilogy - One/Two/Three

  |  Buy to Own: 26/04/2004
  |  331 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Trilogy - One/Two/Three Film Poster


Belgian director Lucas Belvaux's ambitious debut is a trilogy of films, all set in the same 24-hour period, in which the characters' lives intertwine through a series of cross encounters and unexpected events. In 'One', Marxist revolutionary Bruno (Lucas Belvaux) escapes from prison after a 15-year incarceration, and heads off to settle some old scores and to enjoy a reunion with his beautiful ex-lover (Catherine Frot). But although he is always looking over his shoulder to keep tabs on Pascal, the cop assigned to track him down (Gilbert Melki), Bruno cannot imagine just how close to him Pascal really is. In 'Two', Ornella Muti plays Cecile, a teacher who adores her husband Alain (François Morel). But Alain is a hypochondriac, and, convinced that a routine operation he has to undergo will kill him, he keeps the operation a secret from his adoring wife. Sensing his secrecy, and coming to the conclusion that he must be having an affair, Cecile hires Pascal to track him down - but it isn't long before Pascal has fallen in love with her himself. In 'Three', Pascal finally captures escaped convict Bruno, who it turns out has been sheltered from the law by Pascal's estranged wife, schoolteacher and morphine addict Agnes (Dominique Blanc). His relations with Agnes become even more strained when he admits that he is passionately in love with her friend and colleague, Cecile.