True Romance (Director's Cut)

  |  Book Tickets: 30/12/1994
  |  Buy to Own: 30/12/1994
  |  113 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
True Romance (Director's Cut) Film Poster


Director Tony Scott's cut of this controversial film based on a Quentin Tarantino script. Clarence (Christian Slater) is a kung-fu loving guy whose boss buys him a night with a hooker, Alabama (Patricia Arquette). The two fall in love and get married the next day. However, Alabama's violent pimp Drexel (Gary Oldman) stands in their way, and so Clarence takes it on himself to wipe Drexel out. In the process, he unwittingly picks up a suitcase full of uncut cocaine stolen by Drexel from the Mafia. The young lovers high-tail it across country to LA, hoping to sell the coke to a movie producer, with the Mafia and the cops on their tail.