Try Me TV: 24 - Season 1

  |  Buy to Own: 04/06/2007
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From 2002 comes the groundbreaking (at the time) new format for a TV drama, whereby the series' plot takes place over the course of 24 hours. Each episode represents one hour of the storyline, and takes place in real time Keifer Sutherland stars as Jack Bauer, US government agent working in Counter-Intelligence, continually battling against the clock. Episode 1: Bauer (Sutherland), member of Los Angeles Counter-Terrorism Unit (CTU), learns of an assassination attempt on Afro-American Presidential frontrunner Senator David Palmer (Dennis Haysbert). Meanwhile Jack's Daughter Kim (Elisha Cuthbert), has gone missing after attending a party with her friend Janet. Jack learns that there may be a mole in his office supplying information to the assassins. When Kim and her friend don't return, Jack and Janet's father Alan, (Richard Burgi), begin a search to find her. In episode 2 Jack has to help his friend Walsh escape from the assassins, resulting in Walsh giving Jack a key-card with vital information. Palmer finds out about the hit, but is more worried about a breaking story in the press. Episode 3 has Jack finding out the identity of the mole. Senator Palmer discovers what the press story concerns: his son, and a possible murder cover-up. Kim and Janet manage to escape from their captors, but Kim is quickly re-caught. In episode 4, Palmer finds out who leaked the story about his son to the press, and the kidnappers disagree on what to do with the girls