Tune in Tomorrow...

  |  Buy to Own: 06/09/2004
  |  90 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC
Tune in Tomorrow... Film Poster


Quirky romantic comedy based on Mario Vargas Llosa's novel 'Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter' and transposed to New Orleans. Set in the 1950s, the film stars Keanu Reeves as Martin Loader, a young newswriter for a struggling local radio station which, in an attempt to boost its ratings, has just taken on an eccentric new scriptwriter, Pedro Carmichael (Peter Falk), to write a daily soap opera. Simultaneously, Martin's aunt Julia, not related to him by blood, returns home after two divorces and many years away, and Martin finds himself falling in love with her. When Pedro finds out about their blossoming romance, he starts using it as creative fodder for his drama series - and it isn't long before Julia and Martin are hearing every detail of their 'fictionalised' affair broadcast to the entire region.

Contains moderate sex references and infrequent strong language
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