Turkey Shoot

  |  Buy to Own: 26/01/2004
  |  Watch Now: 01/03/2012
  |  92 min
Rated 18 by the BBFC


Brutal, blood-splattered Australian sci-fi exploitation horror set in a dystopian post-holocaust near future, in which anyone who does not conform with the totalitarian government is thrown into a 're-education' camp: a nightmarish place where torture, sadism, rape and murder are carried out on the whim of the psychotic commanding officer, Charles Thatcher (Michael Craig). Steve Railsback, Lynda Stoner and Olivia Hussey star as three spirited individuals who have been newly interred in such a camp. But can they survive the horrific 'Turkey Shoot' - a periodically-held event in which the camp leaders hunt down and kill the inmates for sport?

Contains strong language, violence and horror
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