Twilight Zone: Season 3

  |  Buy to Own: 08/05/2006
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Twilight Zone: Season 3 Film Poster


All 30 episodes from the third season of the American anthology sci-fi series, based on the cult 1960s series by Rod Serling. In each episode, ordinary people face extraordinary circumstances, where the normal laws of reality no longer apply. In this series, an old man hoarding junk in his room is revealed to be secretly holding the forces of the Earth in balance, an old woman obsessed by death attends funerals for entertainment, and a man sells his soul to a demon for some gambling tips. Episodes are: 'The Curious Case of Edgar Witherspoon'; 'Extra Innings'; 'The Crossing'; 'The Hunters'; 'Dream Me a Life'; 'Memories'; 'The Hellgramite Method'; 'Our Sylena Is Dying'; 'The Call'; 'The Trance'; 'Acts of Terror'; '20/20 Vision'; 'There Was An Old Woman'; 'The Trunk'; 'Appointment on Route 17'; 'The Cold Equations'; 'Strangers in Possum Meadows'; 'Street of Shadows'; 'Something in the Walls'; 'A Game of Pool'; 'The Wall'; 'Room 2426'; 'The Mind of Simon Foster'; 'Cat and Mouse'; 'Many, Many Monkeys'; 'Rendezvous in a Dark Place'; 'Special Service'; 'Love is Blind'; 'Crazy as a Soup Sandwich'; and 'Father and Son Game'.