Ultimate Crimes: M For Murder

  |  Buy to Own: 22/08/2005
  |  90 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Three documentaries looking at infamous murders. In 'Mass Murderers: The Austin Sniper' Charles Whitman, began a shooting spree from the Texas University Tower that lasted for 96 minutes and killed seventeen people. Wayne Henley and Dean Coril were members of a Texas homosexual torture and murder ring which captured and mutilated twenty seven young men. Michael Ryan was a gun crazed loner who embarked on a shooting spree in Hungerford killing sixteen people including his mother. In 'Murder in Cold Blood' Juan Corona was charged with the murder of 25 men, mainly farm labourers whom were homosexually abused and dumped. Denis Nilsen became known as the lonely homosexual killer who was caught when his drains became blocked with human remains. Wayne Williams was jailed for two murders but was thought to be the Atlanta serial killer of 21 black children. In 'Murdering Conmen' Donald Merrett was a conman who loved money and was prepared to kill his wife and mother to fund his desires. Roy Fontaine erased all traces of his Scottish accent and became a butler to the aristocracy as a disguise for his murders and stealing of antiques. Raymond Fernandez became an expert at conning his way into women's hearts, robbing them of their money. He became known as the 'Lonely Hearts Killer'.