Ultimate Gangster Collection 2

  |  Buy to Own: 25/10/2010
  |  602 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Collection of gangster documentaries. 'Fight School' sees boxer Roy Shaw, aka Britain's most violent man, offer a no-holds-barred guide to using excessive violence to earn the respect you deserve. 'Real Rise of the Footsoldier' tells the story of football hooligan and Essex Boys gang member Carlton Leach, whose infamous career was portrayed in Julian Gilbey's 2007 film 'Rise of the Footsoldier'. 'Football Hooligan' profiles Jason Marriner, one of Britain's most feared football hooligans. Known as The General, he was a key member of the notorious Chelsea Head Hunters and was jailed for six years after the BBC's Donal McIntyre infiltrated his firm. 'Enough Said' follows Cass Pennant, one of Britain's most notorious football hooligans and now a best-selling author, as he travels the UK telling it 'How It Is'. The film provides a real insight into Pennant's past, present and future, and includes special appearances by Big Joe Egan, Mike Tyson and a host of boxing legends. Finally, 'Even Dodgier' sees former British gangster Dave Courtney in a live show, arranging a tribute night for Joe Pyle and on the set of the 2008 film, 'Six Bend Trap'.