Umberto D

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  |  89 min
Rated PG by the BBFC


Hugely revered Neo-Realist film from Vittorio De Sica, that was for years banned in Italy and labelled as subversive and negative to the country. It is a portrait of an old man, living out his last days alone and abandoned by a post-war Italian society. Non-professional Carlo Battisti plays Umberto Domenico Ferrari, a retired civil servant with no friends, family or prospects to speak of, only his dog Flike for company. Umberto lives only on his meagre pension and in dire surroundings with a grasping landlady. He has fallen behind on his rent and after many indignities finally reaches a point where suicide seems like the only answer. However he puts those thoughts aside when he realises that Flike would be left to the streets if he was not there.

Contains infrequent, moderate language and mild sex references
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