|  Buy to Own: 28/07/2008
  |  94 min
Rated 12 by the BBFC
Uniform Film Poster


Chinese thriller about a young man leading a precarious double life. When the local factory closes and his ailing father becomes unemployed, it falls on street tailor Xiaojian (Hongli Liang) to somehow cover the family bills. When a laundered police officer's shirt is left uncollected, Xiaojan sees a way to make ends meet. He takes on the role of cop, extorting on-the-spot fines from drivers who break minor traffic laws. He also finds that the uniform makes him visible to the world at large and he begins dating Shasha (Xueqiong Zeng), a young woman who works in a CD shop. Pretty soon Xiaojian discovers the true cost of having two identities; and it seems he's not the only one. The film balances social comment with an intimate character study of a desperate man willing to risk everything to escape the shackles of poverty.

Contains strong language and moderate sexual threat
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