Vampire in Vegas

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Rated 15 by the BBFC
Vampire in Vegas Film Poster


Horror in which a vampire attempts to cure his aversion to sunlight so that he can terrorise through the day as well. Sylvian (Tony Todd) is a three hundred year old vampire whose ambitions have now moved beyond the mere need for human blood. He employs Dr. van Helm (Delia Sheppard) to research a means by which he can overcome his aversion to the sun. Van Helm's initial experiments in the desert outside Las Vegas draw the attention of police detectives Stanton (Ted Monte) and O'Hara (GiGi Erneta). However, as the detectives make their investigations, a party of friends holidaying in Las Vegas, including Jason (Edward Spivak), Rachel (Sonya Joy Sims) and Nikki (Brandin Rackley), get caught up in the experiments of Sylvian and van Helm and find themselves in grave danger.

Contains strong sex references and gore
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