Van Damme Collection

  |  Buy to Own: 11/08/2003
  |  451 min
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A Jean-Claude box set bursting with action. 'Double Impact' (1991) sees Van Damme play twins who are separated in Hong Kong in 1966 when their parents are viciously murdered. Years later, Chad is an L.A. karate instructor, while Alex has become a mean Hong Kong street hood. When they meet for the first time as adults, the twins agree to team up and avenge their parents' death. In 'Nowhere to Run' (1993) escaped convict Sam Gillen (Van Damme) is given shelter in the barn of beautiful farm-owning widow Clydie (Rosanna Arquette). A merciless developer (Joss Ackland) is trying to force Clydie off the land, in order to buy it, build there and make a fortune. Sam helps Clydie fight off the developer and his hired killers. In 'Double Team' (1997) top counter-terrorist agent Jack Quinn (Van Damme) is brought out of retirement to tackle the enigmatic Stavros (Mickey Rourke). However, Quinn's hesitation to shoot Stavros in front of his family results in Stavros' escape and Quinn's imprisonment on a remote island as a punishment for his failure. When Stavros takes Quinn's pregnant wife hostage, he breaks out of his prison and enlists the help of arms dealer Yaz (Dennis Rodman) in rescuing his spouse. 'Knock Off' (1998) is set in Hong Kong during the 1997 handover to China, and stars Van Damme as Marcus Ray, a CIA agent caught up in a Russian plot to bombard America with thousands of tiny bombs smuggled into the country via Hong Kong. In 'Universal Soldier - The Return' (1999), having survived the violence and turmoil of his previous existence, Luc Deveraux (Van Damme) has started a family and is working as a technical consultant on the Universal Soldier programme. The new generation of cyborg soldiers are overseen by the S.E.T.H. supercomputer and are even more deadly than before. Danger arises when S.E.T.H. becomes sentient and tries to negate Deveraux by kidnapping his daughter. With his family at stake, the Universal Soldier must return into action.